1. Dr. Mandeep Kaur, Vice Principal participated in a workshop on 13.02.2021 entitled “Teaching and learning through online” organized by Yaclass India.
  2. Mrs. N. Sangeetha (History Dept.) and Mrs. P. Sangeetha (Commerce Dept.) received “Excellence in Teaching Professional Award for 2019-2020” from ‘Lions Club of Madras, Velachery’.
  3. K.G Teachers, Mrs. Shyamala Dayalan and Mrs.Arul Mary attended the workshop organized by orient Black Swan Publishers. The workshop was about learning Methodology and technic for children growth and development.
  4. Mrs.Sophia of English Department had participated in English Language Training Programme held at Vedanta Academy which was organized by Indiannica Learning.
  5. Mrs.Gayathri, Department of Science had attended the workshop on Innovative method of Teaching’ conducted by Next Education Technology.
  6. Mrs. Jyoti swaroop, Senior consultant – Ratna Sagar, conducted a workshop on 31.05.2019 for English handling teachers. She discussed various topics including, ELT, Communication, Creative writing and teaching and learning strategies.
  7. Mrs. Radha K, had participated in the District level one day Guide Teachers and Resource Persons workshop of National Children’s Science congress- 2019,(NCSC), held on 07.08.2019 at Institute of Mathematical Science.