Nursery Section

Our nursery is located in an eco-friendly environment admit nature and provides a very pleasant atmosphere with a vast ground to play, a beautiful garden to admire and fresh air to inhale. Most important of all. Encourages the process of socialising.

“It’s the right place where the desire  of the parents come true”.

Children in Kindergarten are initial learners. They experience in lot of fun and knowledge. They are initially motivated to get use to school further learning is done in a joyful atmosphere and provides them first hand experience about day to day activities.

1. Behavior

2. Cleanliness

3. Good Habits

4. Punctuality

5. Orderliness

6. Discipline

7. Confidence

8. Personality Development

9. Positive Attitude

10. Sense of Achievement

Thus achieving overall development our school is in a continuous process   of shaping the future of younger generation. Basic qualities are inherited and career development starts here.

Children in their early age learn fast and retain  longer, so learning is done in a joyful situation and it is retained evergreen in their memories.

Activities :

We   know that activities are essential as they act as a precursor for listening, speaking, writing, reasoning, thinking, reading etc., learning by doing is cardinal principal behind activities.

Children enjoy both group and individual activities preformed in the class. Several activities like vegetable printing, leaf print, palm print, thumb print, bit pasting, thread pulling, sand work, ink smudging, colouring, clay modeling, origami are held in the class ensure the participation of the child so as to develop.

1. Eye Hand Co- Ordination
2. Gross Motor Skills
3. Pincer Grip
4. Fine Motor Skills
5. Sequencing
6. Grading
7. Cognitive Development
8. Creativity
9. Imagination
10. Sharing and Appreciating each other’s work


Our school children are provided with lot of toys, building blocks, wooden cutouts and many motessori materials. The method adopted for writing practice is sensorial method inorder to develop :

1. Touch Feel Sense
2. Concentration
3. Recognition
4. Pictorial Memory

To enhance the fine motor skill s of the children. Our school provides materials such as ;

1. Sand Paper  Cards
2. Flash card
3. Number Cards
4. Wooden Cut Outs
5. Magnetic Board
6. Wooden Tracing Board
7. Number Blocks
8. Alphabet Blocks
9. Marching Cards
10. Dominos
11. Large Movable alphabet

In the process of Language Development we do insist on :

Shaping the future of tiny tots is a  continuous process of progress in all aspects.

Children at the age group of (4-5) are trained to read and write enclosed with activities. Correct formation of letter are reinforced to develop speed and accuracy. Two letter words are first  introduced at the earlier stage. As they help to prepare the  most basic reading abilities in a child, Establish development of early vocabulary, and thus provide the child a chance to dabble with more difficult words latter with ease.

Second languages like Tamil and Hindi are introduced at this Alphabets, Rhymes and stories are taught to build up correct pronunciation of these languages.


Children love to sing, jump, dance and learn with their  peer group. Our school is provided with a big audio visual room. Here the total potential of the children is brought out. We also have adequate CD’s relevant to Subjects, Rhymes and Stories.


“As all work and no play makes Jack a dull person”.

We have lot of play materials for our children to play. New innovative games are taught to develop their imagination and have fun. To regeneration all their  potentials to make their minds shaper and refreshed.

Story time :

In K.G. Story time is active and a happy time for children. Stories are told with hand puppet, finger puppet, models stuffed models, clay models etc.

New stories, new themes are generated to the blend of children.

The story is narrated with  modulations of sound to show the emotions to make the children visualise the scene. As the children love to see, hear and respond this  time is sensitive to children to do arrive with several question. It develop the habit of asking why rather than accept explanations at face value.

Increases Willingness to Communicate

Encourage Participation

Increase Verbal Proficiency

Enhance listening skills

Encourage Imagination and Creativity

Encourage Co-Operation among the Children

Celebration :

Celebrations are done to have a break from their routine job to refresh and learn more about festivals. National Festivals are celebrated to salute, show gratitude to our leaders and to develop patriotism and unity among children.

Religious festivals like  Diwali, Christmas, Id, Pongal are celebrated to create awareness about festivals. To inherite the culture and spread harmony.