Kinder Garten

As for Deepavali Festival of Lights, Christmas Sharing, Pongal harvest Festival of Tamil Nadu and all kinds of Jayanthis are celebrated to make the children understand the grest leaders and our national days are also highlight to teach them to be responsibility of their country.

1. Motor Skill
This skill is to help the children in moving their fingers freely.
a. Scribbing in place sheets
b. Different line are drawn for practice
c. Chaining the beads
d. Arranging the blocks
e. Helping the child in holding the pencil, chalk and helping them in turning pages also.

2. Celebration

Different kinds of festival are celebrated with a concept to teach the children on unity in diversity. While celebrating the class rooms are changed according to the atmosphere and the children are dressed and enacted on the concept, to bring in main idea of celebration.

3. Play Way Methods

Academic is been thought by play way method, that is every step of teaching is done on the basis of activities and its been evaluated very next day.

4. Show and Tell

First day of every week the child is asked to talk on any general topic for two minutes, this is to check the communication of the child, and to develop the confident in facing the group and help them in knowing many unknown facts.

5. Working on Sounds – Phonetic

Phonetic mainly taught in the class for the help of good command in English. Phonetic sound C.D. and audio payers are played in the class and drilling is done by help of the teacher. Every class a new word with the sound is been taught to pronounce.

6. Physical Health

Life is full of matters, no time for us to exercise it, that why now days it has become a need for us to do some exercise for which is good for mind and body.
1. Every morning 15 minutes of warming up is said with counts
2. Few yoga asanas like breathing in and out, laughing exercise for heart cheering

Out door game

a. Walking
b. Jogging
c. Running

Indoor Game

a. Building Blocks
b. Throwing Plastic Balls into the pen
c. Playing with fun toys
7. Music and Dance

Rhymes on audio player and are been taught in the class with action and children are allowed to dance freely, and every week last class for music and dance is allotted.


First step little feet to move in freely and come out of their womb. As these children reach into the hands of teacher to mould themselves for courage world to built them in physically and mentally by opening the eyes of their wisdom and reach the world with their knowledge, to make ordinary to extra ordinary by the power of education and by guidance of the discipline.

Its to bring in change not only in their education but to bring in a drastic change for the next generation.

8. Painting

This class is to make the children feel colourful
a. Face Painting
b. Water Painting
c. Free hand Painting
d. Painting Dough Craft
9. Little artist (Drawing and Colouring)

Horizontal long drawing books are given to the children for free drawing hands out of that the teacher finds new fingers and she ‘Name’s the child as little artist’. Then printed art sheets are give to the children and with the help of the teacher the child colours by using wax crayons and coloue pencils.

10. Entertainment

1. Rainbow day
2. Colour Day
3. Fruit Day
4. Floral Day
5. Fancy Dress
6. Sports Day
7. Annual Day
This kind of entertainment is to make children to have a broad idea that only books and bags does not make school. More than that together mess are be built within themselves. And these times of activity brings an open mind and positive attitude for the child’s development.

11. Nature Work

Every week there is a class on nature work by the help of the teacher and school house keeper the children are brought out the class to show the school campus, school park, computer lab, principal room, office room and nearby places by the help of school van. This is to bring an awareness of environment and the necessity of the greenery.

12. Pop Mom Show

This activity is mainly done for the parents involvement
1. Healthy Breakfast
2. Coking in Five Minutes
3. My father is a real Hero
4. Face Painting
5. Floral Arrangement
6. Baby and Me
7. Making any Craft

13. Mock up Class

Every month there is mocking class done on the different atmosphere
1. Market Place
2. Bakery Shop
3. Railway Station
4. Bus Station
5. Kitchen
6. Zoo
7. Parliament
8. Hospital
9. Shopping Complex

The main idea of bringing this class as activity to make the children understand who are the people working for us and what are they status and position in their work. There is a Chinese saying “more than theoretical practical has more valid” when eye and mind works together bring great change.

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