Alumni Achievers


In today’s fiercely competitive scenario, being a book worm alone does not suffice. To help the students exhibit their multifarious talents, students are encouraged to participate in the Inter school and open competitions. Our children had won many accolades in different fields.

Our students have participated and won various prizes in the following inter school competitions.

Ø Vanavani School has conducted the Vana Vani Cultural extravaganza.

Ø Vedha Bharathi Organization, Velachery—our school students participated in the inter-school “AATHICHOODI RECITATION” competition held at Sankara Vidyalaya Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Seliyur, Tambaram.

Ø Environment camp at Pallikarnai Marsh Land—10 students are participated—conducted by WWF-India-Eco Camp

Ø Students of std. X, XI & XII participated in various competitions conducted by AIIMS.

Ø Students of Class VI to XII attended the Quiz competition on Abdul Kalam was conducted by Dina Malar.

Ø Students actively participated in the Mind Power competition organized by SBOA School, Anna Nagar.

Guru Siksha Competition:

Guru Nanak Devji once said—

“Burn worldly love, 
rub the ashes and make ink of  it, 
make the heart the pen, 
the intellect the writer, 
write that which has no end or limit”

Guruji also said “He is a man of wisdom who gains Self-knowledge through self-enlightenment”.

With the objective of bringing students close to these eternal truths as spoken by the Great Guru, Guru Nanak college organized an inter college/ school oratorical competition on teachings of Guru Nanak Deviji, captioned “Guru Siksha” to celebrate the birth Anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Devji

Our school students are participated in the said competition and won prizes. In English Aruna.S of IX-C won the 2nd prize—Cash award Rs.5000/-  and Kriba.M of XI—group-A1 received –III prize—Cash award Rs.3000/-.  In Tamil, Sonia got III prize and Athira.S got III prize—Cash award Rs.3000/- each.


Every year we are always amused at the creativity and involvement shown by our KG children in Fancy Dress competition conducted in our school.  There is a continuous flow of entertainments through intramural competitions based on Science modelling, Music, Art and Craft.  Students had exposed their confidence in painting, quiz, and essay and debate competitions.  The entire school premises were colourful with the active participation in Rangoli competitions.