Today's children are tomorrow’s leaders. To learn how to serve our nation and to inculcate the self discipline, the NCC unit has been introduced in the school in 2006. 50 students are enrolled in NCC every year. Under the able guidance of Mr. R. Mohammed Imram, the cadets attended combined Annual training camp in a successful manner. Master S. Savan won the first prize in shooting and had won the best commanding award. Every year 40 parades are conducted. Our school management has kindly come forward to bear the charges for the infrehment and the fees for the camp. NCC cadets were awarded  “A” certificate for their excellent exhibit of their skills every year rally is conducted for the benefit of the people. This year “Anti Plastic Rally” and “Cancer Awareness Rally” were conducted according to the satisfaction of the superiors.

R. Mohamed Imran (ANO) NCC Officer  Gurunanak Mat. Hr. Sec. School

In 2008, after completing the 3 months PRCN camp, which was held at OTA Nagpur, J. R. Mohamed Imran become third official and got gazetted rank. As a NCC officer, I original NCC rally’s like (Antiplactic rally, cancer awareness, traffic controls) in 2011, once again I completed my refresher course which was held at Nagepr (Officer Training Academy) and become second officer. I held certificate of National Defence Academy.

1. Every year 40 parades are conducted

2. Every year our school NCC cadets participated in the combined annual training camp and won the prizes and certificates of merit

3. In 2011, CATC camp was conducted, 13 schools and 3 colleges participated. Our school NCC cadets won the prizes are as follows.

1) First place in Turnout
2) Best firer in Rifle shooting
3) Second prizes for the best parade
4) All the cadets had received the certificate of merits.

4.Every year rally is conducted last year also anti plastic rally and cancer awareness rally was conducted and tree plantation programme was organized in the school and college.




This year our school NCC unit has participated in CATC—cum—IGC/RDC—II camp at Vel Tech Ranga Sanku Arts College, Avadi, Chennai-62 from 21-06-2013 to 30-06-2013 (10days) for SD/SW/JD/JW cadets). 18 schools and 5 colleges participated in the said camp. Our NCC unit has won the following prizes.

 1.           First place in Turn out

2.           First Place in the Rifle shooting.

3.           First Prize in the cultural activity.

4.           Third prize in drill competition and others had certificate of merits.