Fancy Dress Competition

If I were a butterfly
I thank you hard by
Flying in the sky….

If  I were an elephant
I thank you hard by
Rising my trunk….

But I first thank you
hard for making me as
I am ….

Like the sony we the kindergarten  had a great opportunity of making our children to act as they feel. on November 2010,as we all know 14th November of every year is celebrated has children’s day in remembrance of our  Nehru Uncle. So our kindergarten section decided a topic on if I were…..

For are great surprise they was so many children brought into they creativity on they character like Lord Krishna. Butterfly, Boat-Man, Teacher, Loco-Boy, Chotor… and  so on.

For kindergarten this moment of joy was like melting moment and all our children came and with fly colours of  happiness and made the day a  great successful day.

May this joy into their heart of our children.

By celebrating there kinds of national federation makes the children to be apart of our country.