General Regulations

1. The students must be regular and punctual in attending their daily classes, otherwise they will be sent home.

2. They must be in the prescribed school uniform neatly dressed. It is an essential part of school discipline.

3. They must reach the school on time to attend the morning assembly.

4. Every student should bring the hand book and identity card to the school daily.

5. Request for leave of absence must be made in the prescribed format attached in the school hand book signed by the parent and to be handed over to the class teacher after getting the signature of the principal.

6. The student is liable for suspension or dismissal for reasons of irregularity in attendance, negligence in school work, disobedience and disrespect shown towards the staff or any damages caused to school property. The decision of the principal in this regard will be final.

7. The student is expected to participate in all the academic and Co-curricular activities of the school.

8. All the students should converse only in English in the school premises to acquire greater skill in the use of the languages.

9. Parents are requested to Co-operate with the management in enforcing discipline and punctuality on the part of the students. They should attend the P.T.A. Meetings whenever convened.

10. Students are strictly forbidden from buying any eatables from unauthorized vendors near the school.

11. Students should be responsible for their personal belongings viz. books, pens, tiffin boxes etc. They are strictly forbidden from wearing any jewellery or bring cash and costly materials to school.

12. Students are not allowed to meet parents or visitor or to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal and without a proper out-pass.

13. Those who bring lunch baskets to students must have a pass. They will not be permitted to wait near the class rooms or in the verandahs. They have to remain at the school gate until the bell after which children will go and collect their lunch basket. Lunch should be taken in the respective class rooms.

14. Any student found to have taken other student's belongings will face automatic suspension.

15. Physical violence on other classmates / Schoolmates inside or outside the campus will be viewed seriously.

16. The students should not wear valuables (like gold chains, studs , bangles  etc.,) while coming to school.

17. The students should not bring the Mobile Phones, iPods and CDs to school.

18. Parents are expected to make their own transport arrangements whenever students are asked to come before or remain after school hours for activities.

19. The school is not responsible for the loss of any personal propertyof any student. All the students should be advised to keep their belonging safe.