Examination Pattern

KINDERGARDEN : PRE-K.G, L.K.G, U.K.G (Continuous Evaluation)

Importance is not given to the written tests to assess the progress of KG students. Comprehensive assessment of each KG Student is made every month based on carefully. Observed academics and other activities of the child. However written tests are conducted at the end of each term to provide proper training to the child.

I to IX Class :

The School follows the system of continuous assessment the various academic activities and co- curricular of each child in the class, are carefully observed and the general assessment is recorded in the Comprehensive Progress Report Card every month.  The Mid Term Examinations and Terminal Examinations are also conducted.


 X to XII Class :

  • Std. X to XII follows the system of monthly tests and unit test and terminal examinations.
  • Unit test for X Std. and XII Std. will1 be conducted every week in order to help them score high marks in the board examination.
  • Special classes will be organized to help the low scoring students improve their performance in academics and be at par with the class level.
  • Students absent for examination (Class Test / Terminal Examination) without valid reason will be marked absent and would be considered as failed.
  • No text book, Note Book or other papers are to be brought into the Examinations will be dismissed from the school.
  • Students should bring the identification card and Hand Book on all Examination days.