School Prayer

Deh shina bar Mohe Ihai

O shiva, grant me this boon

Shubh karman tie kabhu na taraun

May I never refrain from righteous arts

Na daron arr siyou jab jai laroon

That I might fight without fear of all foes

Nischai kar apni jeet karaun.

And with firm resolve claim victory.

Arr sikh haun apne hi mun-ko,

May the directive of thy glory guide my mind.

Eh laalach haon gun tau ucharon

And my highest ambition be to sing thy praises

Jab aav kee and nidhaan bannai,

When the times comes, for this mortal life toend.

At hee lann mein tab joojh maraun.

May I die on the battle field fighting courageously.